Live as though you were going to die tomorrow, learn as though you were going to live forever -

Vive como si fueras a morir mañana, aprende como si fueras a vivir para siempre


Piensa, cree, sueña y atrévete.

Think, believe, dream and dare.
Walt Disney
2:12 | Author: La Vuelta al Mundo de Dan y David
Fortunately it would seem that night buses in India are not the disco buses of Cameroon. The driver drove llike a maniac but we were able to get a couple of hours sleep. Our arrival in Panjim left us doubting we had left Badajoz.
The Portuguese influence has left its mark on Panjim, capital of Goa, to such an extent that while walking around its streets we forget we are even in India. Except for the fabulous dinner we have had and the freshly squeezed fruit juices of any fruit that takes your fancy, there is not much here to make us linger. So bus ticket in hand, we are making our way to Hampi, away from the coast.
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2:09 | Author: La Vuelta al Mundo de Dan y David
Our mission was to get to Saloni and Balram´s house. Our experience in Cameroon had stood us in good stead, chaotic traffic, dirt, dust and heat and the endless queue to get through the swine flu control.
Our hosts were waiting for us with a delicious dinner of basmati rice and chickpea curry and an evening´s conversation on indian life and tips for discovering Mumbai the next day. So today we set off to discover the amazing and eclectic centre of Mumbai.

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2:08 | Author: La Vuelta al Mundo de Dan y David
After a short stop in Europe we are beginning our next adventure: India.
We will begin our journey through the Asian sub-continent in Mumbai where we will be hosted by a couchsurfing couple in their home. We hope they will be our introduction to Indian life.
After a few days in hectic Mumbai, home of Bollywood and urban chaos, home to more than 16 million people with 29,000 people pper square kilometer,we will continue our journey south, passing through Goa, Keralan backwaters until we reach Tamil Nadu, famous for its temples, where we´ll stay for a month on another volunteering project with ODAM. After that, we will fly to Delhi to visit northern regions.
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